Sound Music

Themed musical stories for primary schools KS2

Sound Music publishes Peter Harrison’s music for primary schools. Catchy, easily-learned melodies support relevant and appropriate lyrics.

This is the Christmas Story

This is the Christmas Story accurately relates the story of Christmas in nine attractive songs interspersed with short narrations. The work was written for York Primary Schools with the support of the Arts Council and has been performed in more than 500 schools since publication in 1999.

  • optional second parts to most of the songs
  • two instrumental numbers for recorders and/or flutes/violins etc.
  • can be presented as a performance piece (duration about 45mins)
  • individual songs can be used as part of a Christmas service
  • booklet includes full score, separate song sheets, script and optional recorder parts

“It is a moving and wonderful way to celebrate the joys of Christmas. The children loved every minute of it.” - J.L.Elliott, headteacher

Hadrian’s Wall & Longships

Listen to an Extract

Longships tells the story of the Viking invasions and settlement. It was written for the Jorvik Viking Centre in York to commemorate the 1200th anniversary of the first raid on Lindisfarne. Included is a 10 minute ‘mini-saga’ which can be performed separately.

Listen to an Extract

Each musical lasts about 40 minutes and forms an ideal basis for cross-curriculum work. Individual songs can be used to illustrate various aspects of the topics. A photocopiable libretto is included and there are parts for recorders and percussion. CDs with complete performances are available.

“LONGSHIPS is going down a treat - the children love it and so do I! It is wonderful for me to find singable songs to link with the class teacher’s project.” - Anne K Corbet (music teacher)